The Details


What is it?

Handmade & Well Paid is a campaign created by Jewellers Academy to help ensure makers are well paid for the work they do whilst helping customers to make good decisions about which makers to buy from.

Makers need a sustainable income in order to keep running their businesses and making their crafts. Customers value and admire the work of handmade artists and want to support them fairly to ensure they are making a good living wage for themselves.

The Pledge

I have signed up and agree to the following


  • I am committed to creating and selling beautifully handmade pieces
  • I believe in myself and my work, and I love living my handmade life


  • I value my skills and the work I have put into designing and making my handmade work
  • I value the time and effort I have put into learning my craft
  • I price my work according to the time and effort I put in to ensure a good and fair profit for my business and a fair price for my customer
  • I commit to reviewing my pricing every 6 months to ensure that the value of my work is put first
  • I am committed to being a lifelong learner – I will continue to hone and practice my skills and continue my making and business education
  • I commit to valuing and supporting the work of all handmade artists. We are a gorgeous supportive community


  • I will share about the work that goes into every piece I make to help educate my customers
  • I will share about the importance of handmade artists being paid a fair and good price for our work
  • I will proudly share the handmade and well paid badge

To find out more about the pledge and what it means to you as a customer you can visit the Jewellers Academy dedicated webpage.

Hi, I'm Sam!

I’m the creator and passion behind Rock & Rose Jewellery. Inspired by different cultures, ancient history and memento mori, my designs are motivated by a personal desire to create pieces for people who want a little delicate touch of gothic with their everyday outfits. 

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