New year, new jewellery!

Happy new year!

I hope Santa bought you lots of lovely, useful gifts this Christmas? I got this amazing copper leather apron. It’s SO me! I also got some new jewellery making tools and lots of socks and comfy clothes so that’s me set for another year!

I also asked for jewellery lesson vouchers and Santa did not disappoint. This is because I am naming 2023 as my ‘Year of Learning’!

As I mentioned in my Christmas email, I’ll be focusing on upskilling my current jewellery making techniques as well as learning brand new ones. This means there will be lots of new lovely shineys for you to covet, and hopefully buy this year (fingers crossed).

a white redheaded woman wearing a black jumper and a copper leather apron smiling at the camera with her thumbs up. In the background are windows and jewellery making tools.

My first course is with Lisa at Cheshire School of Jewellery who originally taught me how to be a copper and silversmith. Lisa is a fabulous teacher and lots of fun to learn from.

I’ve asked for lessons in delft clay moulding and ring setting including flush settingThis is something I’ve wanted to do for ages so I can start making my Birthstone Memento Mori Skull rings again.

They weren’t as amazing I was wanted them to be so I stopped selling them until I could improve my skills.

I am also signed up with Rachel Hearn to take a wax carving workshop in March which I am super excited about.

I finally get to meet Rachel in person after following her on Insta but, I’ve wanted to learn how to make jewellery using the wax carving method for ages.

She’ll show me how to make a ring using wax carving tools and learn how to prepare my wax for being sent out for casting. I’ll share my experience here soon.

wax carving kit including tools and wax. Sorry I don't know what all the tools are at the moment but I will update it when I've done the course
© Rachel Hearne

Finally, I want to learn how to use a crucible. This has nothing to do with the snooker venue or the film! It’s a tool to melt down old and scrap metal to make new, beautiful pieces (see the video below).

This fits well with my memorial jewellery ethos as I can rework special pieces that might not suit you into items that you’ll cherish. Not only because they are more ‘you’ but because they are made from a very special precious jewellery. I know I have a few pieces from my Mum that aren’t really ‘me’ and I’d love to make them into something special to wear.

I’m also excited to say that I’ve already signed up to 3 rock/goth markets and festivals this year including Leeds Festival of Gothica in March, Breaking Bands Festival in May and Leeds Tattoo Expo in June. To find out what markets and festivals I’ll be at in 2023 visit my Stockists & Events page.

You also may have seen on my socials that I’ve signed up as a lifetime member with the Jewellers Academy which offers tonnes of online learning and support for jewellers so I can’t wait to dig into that.

As you can see, I’ve got lots to look forward to and I can’t wait to get going this week with reading and planning my Year of Learning.

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