Death's Head Copper Skull Ring

Inspired by my trip to Boston’s Granary Burying Ground is this beautiful etched death’s head copper skull ring. The winged skull is usually known as a “death’s head” and is the earliest and most frequently occurring motif in colonial-era American headstones.

Although these skulls can seem disconcerting to modern grave viewers, the image of a skull was then less about inspiring dread in the viewer, and more about acknowledging a normal, everyday fact of human life. In that way, it is like the other memento mori items I make. Put simply the winged skull can signify that the deceased person’s journey is not over rather they have shed their physical form and are flying away to another realm.

The ring band measures approx. 10mm thick using 1mm copper sheet. The ring is adjustable so you can wear it on any finger. Each item is handmade and will vary slightly from the images above.


For more information about Burying Grounds in Boston and their iconography visit this website.

Historically, copper has been used to keep the body healthy and to enhance positive energy. It is also said to improve mental health, joint stiffness and pain, mineral absorption and a healthier immune system. It can also uplift a person spiritually.

Please note that sometimes the acidic nature of human sweat and other chemicals on the skin, such as soaps, lotions and makeup, can react with copper and cause a green patina or surface coating to form on the copper and transfer onto the skin. This occurs as a normal reaction to the prolonged copper exposure on the skin, typically caused by oxidation and is not dangerous.

Any marks can be removed with soap and water and the jewellery can be restored with a quick polish. If you have any problems, please do let me know.

My items are inspired by Victorian memento mori and Mexican sugar skulls and more information about this can be found in my About section. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

All items are sold with FREE 1st class postage.


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Hi, I'm Sam

Hi! I’m Sam Self and I am the creator and passion behind Rock & Rose Jewellery. Inspired by Mexican sugar skulls and Victorian memento mori, my jewellery designs are also motivated by a personal desire to create pieces for people who want a little touch of the gothic with their everyday outfits.

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