1st Skull Jewellery Halloween Offer!

Hi again everyone!

It’s officially Autumn as of last Tuesday and I am already digging out my winter jumpers and boots. I absolutely adore this time of year (just in case you’ve missed my subtle hints! 😉) and I love going through my winter wardrobe. I really enjoy rediscovering my cosy clothes and boots. I bought a pair of boots earlier this year that never really had a run out so I’m excited to get those on!


As promised in my previous blog post I am letting you know about the first of 5 special offers on my skull jewellery to mark the spooky season.

This weekend* only I will be offering 20% off all rings on my website.

To take advantage of this offer all you need to do is pop to my website, put the ring(s) you want in your basket and add RING20 in the coupon box before checking out. Although this doesn’t include commissions, I am still open to these and happy to discuss your requests.

These offers are only available via my website but don’t forget I’ll be at Manchester Great Northern Makers Market on 4th October and Warrington Makers Market on 11th October where I’ll have specials on my skull jewellery too.

If rings aren’t your thing don’t worry as I’ve got offers on my other skull jewellery coming up over the few weekends. Why not sign up to my mailing list so you can receive notification of these and other deals? Don’t forget you also get a 10% discount off your first order (not valid with my Halloween deals).

Thanks for continuing to follow my journey!


*Friday 8pm – Monday 8am

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Hi, I'm Sam

Hi! I’m Sam Self and I am the creator and passion behind Rock & Rose Jewellery. Inspired by Mexican sugar skulls and Victorian memento mori, my jewellery designs are also motivated by a personal desire to create pieces for people who want a little touch of the gothic with their everyday outfits.

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