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Hi everyone! Welcome to my new monthly blog where I hope to update you all on news, markets, offers and general musings at the end of every month!

I hope you’ve had a lovely July with this weird and wonderful weather we’ve been having in the UK? Personally, I’m glad it’s got cooler as I’m NOT a hot weather person. Bring on Autumn! 

During July I added to my jewellery collections some summer colours with my new Mexican Fiesta cuffs and twisted earrings. I really enjoyed channeling my pastel goth making these as I can let my creative juices run riot in a colourful way. They are a perfect way to add a gothic “twist” to your summer outfits 😉

I even created a few steampunk designs for the Whitby Steampunk Weekend. More on that later.

July also marked Frida Kahlo’s birth and death dates and I showed you on social media how we’ve decorated our master bedroom at home. Which reminds me…are you following me on my socials? If not click the links below.

As I said I was able to get to Whitby Steampunk Weekend last week and it was brilliant fun! I do love meeting my customers face to face as you know, and it was lovely to see all the amazing outfits.

We even got to spend a bit of time in Whitby and eat our body weight in seafood and those delicious lemon buns that Botham’s is so famous for. If you don’t know what I mean next time you’re in Whitby just pop to Botham’s and grab one (or half a dozen!).

We also visited the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and took a wonderful steam train trip from Grosmont to Pickering. I LOVE a steam train!

Next month I’ve got lots of lovely summer markets planned including my usual Makers Market in Warrington on 8th August as well as a 2 day market at The Dog over Peover with Independent Street on 14th-15th August. I’ve also booked a stall and revisit to the Drum and Monkey over the BH weekend on 28th August. Let me know if you’re coming to any of these.

In the meantime, I’m working on some new pieces for a Haunted Halloween Special market on 20th-21th August with Gothic Bizarre on Facebook. I’m also looking at some more memento mori style necklaces and developing my Victorian skull cufflinks into other pieces. It’s all go at Casa Rock & Rose!

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Hi, I'm Sam

Hi! I’m Sam Self and I am the creator and passion behind Rock & Rose Jewellery. Inspired by Mexican sugar skulls and Victorian memento mori, my jewellery designs are also motivated by a personal desire to create pieces for people who want a little touch of the gothic with their everyday outfits.

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